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Zeco Auriemo Pushes JHSF To Greater Success

Jose Auriemo Neto known by friends and family as Zeco Auriemo has brought success to the family business JHSF Participações S.A that focused for many years on building shopping malls and real estate development. It wasn’t until Zeco Auriemo took a chance on an 80,000 square meters property in the Marginal Pinheiros Region of Brazil that the company started to change direction and focused more on the development of high-income luxury properties. The Parque Cidade Jardim Complex is home to Shopping Cidade Jardim, three commercial towers, nine residential towers, schools, and gyms.

There was talk that Zeco Auriemo would fail in such a risky project, but success brought huge rewards. JHSF received substantial profits from the completion of the Parque Cidade Jardim Project that motivated JHSF to take a huge step in the history of the company and sell shares of its stock on the São Paulo Stock Exchange. With a change in focus JHSF acquired majority shares in the Fasano Hotel Group and later also took control of the group’s restaurants in 2014. At the end of 2014, JHSF opened Fazenda Boa Vista in the city of Porto Feliz, São Paulo. Fazenda Boa Vista is a 12 million square meter residential condominium that is also one of the most luxurious condominiums in Brazil. Zeco Auriemo followed it up the following year with the Horto Bela Vista Complex in Salvador, Bahia a luxurious apartment complex that includes a school, shopping center, and residential towers.

It is clear the Zeco Auriemo is successful in real estate and development and that he has pushed JHSF into new directions that garnered great success and profits for the Brazilian company. Not content with creating luxury properties in Brazil Zeco Auriemo is taking over the restoration of a historic building located on New York’s Fifth Avenue. JHSF will convert the property into a luxurious 14th story apartment building.

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