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Working For The Future With Andrey Andreev

Andrey Andreev is an entrepreneur who works in the Russian field. It did not take long for Andrey Andreev to take his knowledge of being a Russian technology entrepreneur and turn his business into a billion dollar making business. Andrey is Badoo´s founder and current CEO. Besides that, he has a big hand in the social networking and dating apps Bumble, Lumen, and others. 

Andrey Andreev took an interest in the aspects of technology at a very early age. At the early age of ten he built a radio all by himself using things that he found in and around his home. The radio worked and even allowed him to talk to his friend that lived a whole block away from his home! When Andrey Andreev got a little older he went off to school to study management. Andrey Andreev started his first business in the year of 1995. This business sold computers and accessories for computers right on the internet (Successstory). 

In 1999, Andreev started a business that allowed you to track any visits to your own personal websites. This business was called SpyLog. These companies were just the beginning of his journey. It did not stop there. His biggest leap of faith is when he joined up with the online dating and social media world. According to Andrey Andreev, dating online and social media are such a huge part of today’s society so having a business that combines the two leads to huge success stories.

Andrey Andreev has been working hard since he jumped into the entrepreneur world and he has big plans to continue this hard work. Although he does not know where the future is going to take him he does know that he is going to do whatever it takes to keep his success growing. He is not afraid of hard work and knows that a little determination can take you a very long way. Andrey Andreev has a very bright future ahead of him. 

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