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With Guard Down, Prisoners Often Give Away Criminal Information To Law Enforcement Using Securus Software

People are most likely to open up among family and friends. When each one of us feels comfortable, we are more likely to talk about deeper issues within our lives. It is pretty common knowledge, but this ability to open up when talking to friends and family is a key complement in preventing and solving crimes for a telecommunications company called Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a multimillion dollar telecommunications company probably have never heard of. It is not the kind of company that you can enlist to provide your house or apartment with telecommunications services. Rather, the company focuses on providing telephone services to jails.


In order to assist law enforcement in preventing and solving crimes, this telecommunications company records every single phone call into a jail. There is a treasure trove of actionable information within this recorded telephone call database. But it is nearly impossible to identify without a particular software program innovated by Securus Technologies.


This mind blowing software innovation allows anybody to probe deep within this massive digital database to find a particular word or phone call. It does this by walking on to the unique signatures within a particular person’s voice. It then comes through all of the phone calls ever recorded to find every relevant recording. But here is where it gets really interesting.


Telephone calls made to criminals inside of a prison from a friend or a loved one often leads to actionable information. This is because the criminal feels very comfortable talking to their friend or loved one. Prisoners tend to let their guard down and forget that they are being recorded. Friends and family involved in criminal activities outside of the prison are also lulled into a sense of security talking to the incarcerated. This kind of complacency can often lead to amazing gotcha moments.


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