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With a Wealth of Investing Experience to Draw from, Chris Linkas Encourages Would-Be Investors to be Unafraid of the Stock Market

Often treated like a goldmine of opportunity one minute and a pariah to avoid like the plague the next, the stock market’s allure with investors waxes and wanes more than the fortunes of movie stars. This unfortunate state of affairs is one which Chris Linkas, himself a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, likes to right whenever opportunity affords itself.

A vice president at both Goldman Sachs and RER Financial, where he held an analyst position for only two years before ascending to the vice presidency, Linkas is currently, and for the last fifteen years, the managing director of a London-based investment group. Many of the group’s dynamic investment opportunities are centered in the UK, Others can be found across the length and breadth of Europe, including, Switzerland, Germany and Scandanavia. His solid credentials in the financial field have afforded Linkas an authoritative platform from which to speak to the fears and misapprehension of those considering the stock market. Some of those fears center specifically around the 2008 economic crisis, a memory that while it brushed everyone does seem to burn especially brightly with millennial and Gen-Z adults, many of whom also enter the saving years already saddled with student debt.

While acknowledging the validity of such concerns, Linkas encourages new, young and inexperienced investors to approach the stock market not as a one night stand that may bite, or conversely feed them, for their efforts, depending on its whims, but as a long-term place to sow the seeds of their financial aspirations (Releasefact). Starting early is particularly wise, as not only do financial climes change, so too do financial skills and intuitions. Compound interest, which is the interest earned on already accrued interest, has the opportunity to really escalate savings the sooner investors allow it to commence growing. And while starting early allows nervous investors to watch their money accrue via investments deemed safer and steadier, there’s no denying a little risk is often the road to higher returns. Starting earlier affords investors the time needed to try some of the more volatile, yet potentially more rewarding, options, while giving them time to recoup their losses, should that prove necessary.


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