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Why Locals Hire Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti is a successful real estate developer in Houston because he has a good education. After he graduated from Columbia University, he decided to offer his services to more than one city. Today, Barbouti manages leasing tasks at Highland Village Shopping Center. He has been the director at the shopping center for over a decade.

Why Locals Appreciate Barbouti’s Services

Barbouti always provide a list of his previous customers to new clients. Many locals contact Barbouti’s past clients so that they can gather detailed information about his accomplishments.

Locals also work with Borbouti because he is properly licensed. Each state has a resource where locals can find information about all real estate developers who are licensed within the area.

How Barbouti Helps People Save Money

When Barbouti recommends real estate to clients, he always examines each building thoroughly. He usually inspects the roof carefully because missing shingles can cause major problems down the road. He ensures that each building does not have any signs of mold and moss since they produce moisture. If a building has a wooden roof, a moisture issue can cause wood rot.

Barbouti also considers the landscaping because properly planted trees and scrubs can actually protect the property. If tree branches are found near a building, they could snap and drop on the roof.

Benefits of Buying Property in Houston

Many people contact Barbouti when they need property in Houston because home sales are currently high. For example, many single-family houses were sold this year during the month of March.

The Houston Association of Realtors reported that nearly 6,232 single-family units were sold within 30 days. In addition, total sales in all markets increased to 7,567 units.

Overall, now is a great time to buy property in Houston. To learn more about different investment opportunities, contact Haidar Barbouti.

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