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Who Is Alexandre Gama, other than a Star?

     Neogama was one of the most popular advertising firms in Brazil, its origin of incorporation, immediately following its foundation in 1999. The firm grew faster than any other professional agency – not necessarily limited to marketing firms, either – in the jungle country of Brazil, helping its clients beat out other advertisements hosted in nation capital Rio de Janeiro. Neogama won its first Cannes Film Festival Lion in 1999, then simultaneously won two Lions, this time in 2003. The firm acquired the sizable, formidable European opponent BBH, maintaining Neogama’s founder at its head. The self-named organization was bought up by worldwide conglomerate Publicis Groupe in 2012, four years later resuming operations in the founder’s home nation of Brazil in 2016.

In case it wasn’t clear, Alexandre Gama founded Neogama, the eponymous advertising agency that made splashes all across the world’s oceans since it date of incorporation. Just like the organization he founded and operates to this very day, Mr. Gama has received several individual awards, including “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the world of communication, and “Agency Director of the Year” on behalf of the Propaganda Professionals Association.

Unbelievable to all who know him, Mr. Gama came from humble beginnings, working his way up the advertorial ladder for the better half of two decades prior to founding the worldwide hit, Neogama.

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