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Whitney Wolfe’s Experiences Help Her Make Better Choices

     Since Whitney Wolfe first started working on her own and building Bumble, she knew there were things she had to do to make a difference. She also knew there were opportunities she could jump on because of how hard she worked to give back to the community that was a part of her dating app world. There were so many women who showed appreciation to Whitney Wolfe because of how she created the app. They didn’t have to worry about men sending them constant messages and harassing them. It was the first time in the online dating era that women had control over who they talked to.

Whitney Wolfe made sure she did this for the business. She wanted people to realize they had choices. She also wanted them to know there was more to life than just getting things from men that made it hard to live their lives. Whitney Wolfe did what she needed to make Bumble popular. She spent a lot of time making sure it was a good company and women could have positive experiences while using the app. It was how she planned to keep helping women and what she did to make a big difference in the industry.

While there were times when women could see what Whitney Wolfe did differently, other companies didn’t see it that way. In fact, Tinder saw it as a threat. They thought she stole their ideas and that made it hard for them to do things right. It also made it hard for Whitney Wolfe to keep running her business successfully. They wanted to steal her business because they assumed she stole their ideas. The problem was, most of the ideas they had were a result of things that Whitney Wolfe came up with.

Whitney Wolfe worked for Tinder before she started Bumble. Most of the ideas are her intellectual property. Even though she owns the ideas, she still allows Tinder to use them for their app. Since she owns the ideas, it’s acceptable for her to use them with Bumble. Tinder can’t force her to stop using them because they’re hers. In fact, she could turn it around and take them away from Tinder. She would ruin one of the things that Tinder is most recognized for. Whitney Wolfe isn’t a bully like Tinder, though. She wouldn’t try to take things away from them even if she knew they didn’t deserve them.

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