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Whitney Wolfe Has To Carefully Watch Bumble’s Security

Bumble is an online dating site that puts women first. The company Bumble had emerged late in 2014 and it is now a leading hook up spot on the web. Whitney Wolfe designed Bumble to be a feminist company. The organization is not a hard line or militant outfit. Instead, the company just wants society to know that women matter and they are equal to men in terms of their value. However, not everyone agrees with Wolfe’s views.

In August of 2017, Bumble was attacked by a group of Neo-Nazi’s. They launched a cyber attack against Bumble. They listed phone numbers of the employees that worked in the outfit and they also listed their photos as well. The hate group sent a chilling message. They told people take down the Bumble site. This was extremely dangerous because Bumble’s employees could be harmed from this action.

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Bumble kept this information secret since last year. They did not want anyone to know how serious this issue is. They did not want to cause a panic among Bumble followers. However, CEO of Bumble now travels with a bodyguard and she has a security team on hand to protect Bumble’s site from any potential threats.

This is truly a shocking revelation. Whitney Wolfe and her team are doing something very revolutionary. They are advancing the cause of women everywhere but there are plenty of men who do not want to lose power. Bumble is such a successful company that it is valued at over a billion dollars. Whitney Wolfe also made it a great organization in terms of its partnerships, philanthropic duties and its influence over society. Bumble is buzzing around everywhere and many people (both women and men) like it a lot.

Bumble had the FBI to take down the Neo Nazi site and they are investigating this situation. Whitney Wolfe might be a strong and independent woman, but she is very human. She does not want anything to happen to her family, her employees, her users or herself. She has grown very anxious over this situation. She has to constantly watch her mental health behind it as well. Whitney understands that everyone doesn’t agree with the feminist agenda. Hopefully, no one will take things to the extreme and cause harm to any member of the Bumble organization.

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