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What the Get-Together between Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod means to the Healthcare Investment Industry

It has been about two decades now since Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod operated under one roof. All this while, the two healthcare investment professionals have been involved in managing different funds. Previously, they had worked together at Merlin BioMed Group. Gottlieb and Weisbrod are currently sharing offices with plans of running a joint venture still underway.

Stuart Weisbrod is the founding partner of Merlin BioMed Group which was established in 1998. The company primarily deals with the management of investments in the healthcare industry. It has an excellent business portfolio in biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceutical as well as healthcare service areas of operation. Weisbrod’s career knowledge and expertise together with a vast experience working in the healthcare and biotechnology investments enabled him to establish a successful team.

On the other hand, Jacob Gottlieb joined the team in 2000 where he served as a portfolio manager. Together with other portfolio managers, he greatly helped Merlin in generating maximum returns and obtaining their most valuable clients. Such clients included main pension-related funds, endowments, family-operated offices as well as individuals with a high net worth. After successfully operating for many years, Merlin decided to close up and give back funds to its investors.

Stuart embarked on developing a new investment company, Iguana Healthcare Partners majorly focusing on public investment companies within the healthcare sector. Consequently, Jacob founded the Visium Asset Management firm which dramatically grew to an 8 billion dollars hedge and about 200 employees by2008. However, the company collapsed in 2016 when some of its executives were accused of mismarking and insider trading. Gottlieb is currently working towards returning funds back to the investors and eventually close down the company still under his Chief Executive Position. He is not in any way linked to the insider trading case at Visium.

After Visium’s sudden breakdown, Gottlieb is actively involved in a new venture, Altium Capital. It also operates hedge funds which Gottlieb plans to establish from the bottom. He has carefully considered making an investment at Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. due to its ability to change and sustain the pharmaceutical industry in the near future.

The get-together of these former colleagues will greatly contribute towards the growth and development in healthcare investment opportunities. They are both successful entrepreneurs in healthcare financial investments.

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