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What Can You Learn From Wes Edens

It is important to look at those figures such as Wes Edens who have gone on and made something of themselves, they can certainly teach the rest of us a thing or two on how to make it in similar fashions as well. So, who is expert Wes Edens and why is he someone that individuals should pay attention to? Well, Wes Edens probably made his large impact move by founding Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Group has been able to bring in revenues of $1.1 billion and revenues in the hundreds of millions. Fortress Group is based in New York City and was founded in 1998 by several key people. Fortress Investment Group was present on the public markets about 9-10 years after it was founded and was listed on the NYSE. There is certainly quite a bit that one can learn about Wes Edens and his life so far.

Why the Founding Fortress Investment Group Was a Key Learning Moment for Observers

Fortress was the largest private equity firm at one point within the United States. As of a couple of years ago, Fortress Investment Group had one of the distinct honors of managing more 70 billion worth of alternative assets, PE investments, and a stake in other financial vehicles as well.

Who were the founders of Fortress Investment Group LLC?

Wes Edens, who once was a partner at the large American global investment firm, also based in the great city of New York, called BlackRock, Inc. So, it seems that throughout his professional career and throughout his working life, he is taking large actions. Now, this is a specific trait that one needs to pay attention to. One doesn’t have the ability to take these large actions that make an impact if one is not consistent in this zone and running on a specific modus operandi. Wes showed these different traits as he progressed in life, he was always a rambunctious individual who participated in intense sports such as competitive skiing. He then went to college and made certain to pursue a bachelors degree in Finance and Business Administration from OSU in Oregon.

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