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Warriors in Hindsight

It is pretty comical if you go back and read some of the posts about the Golden State Warriors at the beginning of the season and look at where they are sitting at today. There was a general consensus around the league that the Warriors were a good team and that they had a likely chance of getting another playoff berth. That was how they worded it; that the Warriors might be able to lock down a spot in the playoffs. It might be a bunch of hindsight bias, but that seems absolutely absurd when you read that statement today. The Warriors have absolutely shocked the world and are sitting at the top of the Western Conference with a five game lead on second place and don’t look to be relinquishing their throne any time in the near future. Fans like Marc Sparks know that they simply put their foot on the gas and have not let up throughout the entirety of the season. Read more on Sparks at That has seen them produce a sixteen game winning streak which┬áinvolved a seven game East Coast road trip, and they are currently sitting with a nineteen game home winning streak. The Warriors simply are dominating the entire NBA and would be a story all to their own if it weren’t for the shocking, mind-blowing basketball that has come from Atlanta. The Hawks are absolutely on fire and truly deserve as much discussion in the media as the Warriors do.

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