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Warriors and Hawks


The Golden State Warriors suffered two losses last week in back to back games against the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz, but they are back in the swing of things after smashing the Phoenix Suns the other night. Luckily, the Atlanta Hawks just lost a game and it couldn’t set the stage any better for Friday night when the Hawks and the Warriors finally meet up in by far the most highly anticipated NBA game of the year and really the biggest game in the regular season in recent memory. Alhokair noted it is extremely rare for this type of hype to be surrounded by a single regular season basketball game, as there are eighty-two games in a season and a single game just doesn’t matter that much. The reason this game is so immensely anticipated is the fact that the Warriors and Hawks were both unlikely teams to be at the top of their Conference’s and also due to the fact that they have won an insane amount of games each. The Warriors are 37-8 and the Hawks are 40-9. There are rarely two teams in separate Divisions that go on such unprecedented winning streaks and the fact that they will meet up while posting nearly identical records is all the more interesting. People are very excited for this game, as it truly is going to show which team matches up better against the other and is very likely to be a future NBA finals matchup.

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