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Visual Search Technology: The Future of Product and Media Queries

For over the past twenty years, an elite team of scientists, machine engineers, and developers has devoted their time and energy creating a system that successfully handles an array of visual search tasks in a way similar to how the human brain stores and processes visual information on a daily basis.

Visual search technology is based on a type of artificial intelligence that is integrated with hardware and software to perform face detection, face and pixel image recognition, brand marking, content filtering and video search. Visual identification can even be executed with pixel images and videos with irregular patterns or distortions, such as shifted color balance, blurring, and over-exposure. Over time, a visual search system can provide a fast and accurate classification of diverse images or videos in only a few seconds.

One of the fascinating things about visual search technology is that it mimics the function of the human cortex. Instead of an object just being scanned up and down or from side to side as when using a barcode reader, the visual search approach focuses on and selects multiple details related to an image or video and then assigns it a unique “fingerprint”. Once the “fingerprint” of an input image or video has been created, it is matched against databases of images created by retailers or advertisers.


As a top visual search provider, Slyce is currently working with more than 6 of the top 20 leading retailers in North America. This company has rigorously developed and designed an innovative image recognition technology of their own which filters captured images through a set of recognition phases. It then returns similar or exact product results for every search. Retailers and advertisers stand to gain a great deal using image recognition technology since it allows consumers to quickly locate media or products they’re looking for to find information or make a purchase.

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