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US Money Reserve Reveals New Plan For Protecting Wealth In New Book

Your money may not be as safe as you think it is whether it’s tied up in bank accounts, investments such as stocks and mutual funds, hard cash or liquid assets. So that’s why US Money Reserve is offering customers the information they need to know about securing their money through their new ebook “2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.”

This is a book about how you can buy gold or silver bullion to keep your money safe during economic crises which are always around the corner. This ebook is also included when customers purchase a limited discount offer on 1/10 ounce commemorative gold coins.

US Reserve is a privately-owned precious metals distributor with one of the largest bullion catalogs on its website. Customers have many products to choose from including historic event coins and gold bricks. US Money Reserve also sells the famous new liberty platinum coin.

The events that can bring about the need to have gold and silver include sky high national debt, trade wars that could spark currency devaluation, high inflation or deflation, and uncertainty from the federal reserve. By having gold and silver, you have tangible assets that will always have value and are in high demand during hardships.

A longtime expert in the value of gold and silver coins is Philip N. Diehl, the 35th US Mint Director responsible for upgrading the agency and starting its first business website. Diehl helped market precious metals effectively in his time at the Mint, and he decided to come to US Money Reserve because he understood the company’s values of integrity and making the process of buying gold simple for customers.

Whenever first-time customers come to the Mint, they’re greeted by Diehl’s foreword on the way to finding their product.

PR Newswire believes that US Money Reserve wants to make sure customers using any device can access its services, so they’ve made their website compatible and mobile-friendly. Along with buying gold and silver, US Money Reserve has an information kit that explains how to convert an existing IRA into precious metals.

All customers can speak to a company representative through Client-Connect Advantage, a platform available offline for guidance in completing a purchase, troubleshooting payment processing, or even making a return. To find out more about the risks of buying precious metals or to add them to your portfolio, visit

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