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Unroll Me – A Good E-Mail Organizer?

One of the latest tools to help fight email overload is Unroll Me. This software organizes emails into a folder with no hassle. However, even though the idea sounds good in theory, the software needs improvement.

Unroll Me is free unlike its main competition, SaneBox. SaneBox justifies the five dollar monthly price by providing more features. These features are nice to have, but unnecessary. When you first sign up for Unroll Me, it links your email account to the free service. Once that is complete, Unroll Me scans the email account to see what subscriptions you receive. When this scan is finished, the software shows your Roll Up, which summarizes daily subscriptions. Realize, though, that you are not in total control of your Roll Up.

If you do not want to wait until your Roll Up arrives, you can go to their website or check the folder added to your email. Unroll Me “gets along” with several kinds of email, including Gmail, Google apps, and Yahoo. Unroll Me also says that it is working to add support for AOL but will not say when such will happen.

When working with Unroll Me, telling it is okay to deliver certain messages to my in-box is easy. Unroll Me makes it easy to control what time of day you will receive the messages, whether morning, afternoon, or night. Unroll Me makes it possible to monitor multiple email accounts, but you will have to sign in to each account separately. Unroll Me does not combine the two accounts to create a blended roll-up.

Unroll Me is quick. It can scan over 10,000 messages in just a few minutes. Unroll Me makes it simpler to access wanted messages when they should be available. Unroll Me is good email organization software, but know that the phrase “you get what you pay for” applies.

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