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Unitel pushing for more with Isabel Dos Santos at the helm

Isabel dos Santos was not just able to go speak before the European Parliament about her idea and dream of tomorrow for Angola and for Africa. But she was able to make such an impact in Angola that Unitel Isabel’s telecommunications giant of Angola is one of the newest members of WEF. WEF is the World Economic Forum that is a widely renowned organization that shows how entrepreneurial acts can take place for the good of tomorrow’s world while still upholding the highest standard of governance (BBC). 

There is no better feeling than to know that the youth and up and coming entrepreneurs learn a sense of discipline and emphasis on morals. WEF has held its head up high knowing it is one of the leading platforms for tomorrow’s top one thousand companies that want to shape a better tomorrow for our world.

What is Isabel´s goal?

Well since Unitel is in its first year of existence and it is already the leading telecommunications company for many Angolans, the future looks pretty bright. Unitel has just joined the ranks in WEF with a few other up and coming businesses you might know them, Google, Alibaba Group, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation! But does this slow the Angolan entrepreneur down with her dreams for her company? Not even close, Isabel dos Santos has already set her sights on the next goal and will push her company Unitel onto bigger and greater things for Angola, and for tomorrow’s Africa. When speaking about this new partnership for her company, Isabel responds with “This is a very big achievement for us”. She kept it short and simple, knowing there is much bigger on the horizon for Unitel and the world just needs to wait on the edge of our seats to find out.

More on Dos Santos´ biography available at

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