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Turning Amateur Investors Into Professionals: Igor Cornelsen’s Hobby

Becoming a good investor does take work, and in a few cases maybe even a little trial and error. But usually it’s not too difficult if you pay attention to tips and advice given by professionals, including professionals like Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen is a former Brazilian banker who spent many years working as an investment advisor to wealthy clients in some of Brazil’s largest banks. He guided the clients not only in making investments in Brazil’s economy, but also in foreign exchange transactions and major financial deals. Cornelsen also worked with the Brazilian government in economic policies and dealing with currency valuations. Now he’s retired and invests in his spare time, though he does also make appearances at various media outlets.


Igor Cornelsen often posts on Tumblr or WordPress about how to manage finances and showing new investors how they can invest like professionals. To do so, Cornelsen wants people to understand the basics of investing and how to get started. The stock market is often misunderstood by people trying to make it big with investing, so Cornelsen has advice about investing in it. He says that investors need to look at the long-term benefits to investing instead of trying to make trades overnight. He also says damaged stocks and low-cost investments are the best way to get into the field.


Cornelsen knows a lot about foreign investments and has talked about foreign stock exchanges you can invest in in addition to the NYSE. One of his most-discussed topics is investing in Brazil, and the reason he advocates this isn’t just because he’s a Brazilian native, but because the economy there is diverse and has a lot of outlets to invest in. Cornelsen notes that a lot will be determined by the current economic minister Joaqim Levy, but he believes a recovery may be imminent from the late recession that provides a money-making opportunity for investors. He does warn foreign investors that there will be some barriers due to the economic rough patches down there, but getting to know Brazilian natives and the local banks can help along the way.

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