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Trump Takes the Stage

Investment firm owner and international banker Donald Trump has officially thrown his hat in the Republican pool for the nomination of the presidency. While many are interested to see just how far Donald will go, more people than that are afraid of what Donald will do for Republicans. A contributor for The Washington Post detailed and predicted thatDonald Trump at a Republican debate would be a complete nightmare for the party that he represents. Donald Trump is known for saying just about anything to get a rise out of someone or group of people. He may be a serious political pundit, but many only see Trump as being a player in the entertainment business. The Republican Party desperately needs to stay away from those who might draw too much criticism for Republicans. The party is working its way to prove that it is able to take control of the government from the Democrats. Donald Trump might not be the best candidate to do that. Republican candidates have to show that they are serious this campaign season about governing laws and where the American people currently stand. Republicans are worried that Trump will concern himself more with mudslinging instead of substantial problems at hand stated Slide Share. Many Republican citizens have lost faith in those who represent them. The Republican Party desperately needs to pick a strong leader and able minded man or woman to represent them during the 2016 campaign season.

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