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Traveling More Conveniently With Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov spent most of his life traveling before settling in Florida. Growing up spending a lot of his time on planes made him realize the hassle of flying. How difficult it is to do something as simple as book a flight. He realized how much he wanted to change this. He realized that he wanted to help people have more enjoyable travel experiences by creating ways for them to be able to book and board their flights in a more convenient way.

Sergey started an app called JetSmarter. JetSmarter allows people to book their flights no matter where they are or what time it is right from their cell phones. You simply download the app and can book right there. This allows for faster and more convenient booking and boarding experiences.

Sergey Petrossov created this app to simply help people but in reality, he helped himself by building a very secure and profitable ground for his life. Petrossov never dreamed that creating a simple app like JetSmarter would allow him financial freedom and make him such a huge success but it did. Sergey Petrossov is going to continue to grow his success for many years to come. He has big dreams for his app. He is going to continue to work hard to find easier ways for people to be able to travel by air. He is going to take JetSmarter to the top and he is going to take airlines right up there with it. There is no telling just how far Petrossov will go.

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