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Top Gear cast could return with Netflix

As soon as news broke of the firing of Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson by the BBC in the wake of an alleged assault on a show producer the rumor mill was set ablaze about potential replacements and new shows. Clarkson himself was offered a car show by the Russian military for their own channel, but now it seems as though Netflix could win the race to reunite the three Top Gear hosts, TechRadar reports. The BBC has not renewed the contracts for the two co-hosts of the show, Richard Hammond and James May, leaving the way clear for a reunion on another channel or platform.

In a newspaper column May made clear he and the other hosts were subject to some form of competition clause that could stop them reuniting to create a new car show for a number of years. That’s pretty standard procedure according to Paul Mathieson. However, Netflix is said to be keen to create a show called the House of Cars fronted by the three men who led the world’s most successful factual program from 2002 onwards. Although the contracts of the three hosts have not been renewed executives at the BBC have not ruled out a return for Clarkson, May and Hammond in the future.

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