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TJ Maloney and Lincolnshire Management Have Made Some Significant Acquisitions Recently

TJ Maloney, the CEO and chairman of Lincolnshire Management, helps his company become a leader in investing. Recently, his company announced that they would be investing in Powerhouse and complementary companies. When these four companies become one, they will become one of the leading investment companies in the United States. This combination should allow them to invest in large, multi-site projects. Soon after this combination was announced, VSS told the world that they will be finishing their minority in Powerhouse.

VSS is a company that usually invests in high-demand and tech-enabled businesses such as business service companies like Powerhouse. The VSS Structured Capital III fund enables this company to make an investment like this.

TJ Maloney is very excited about his new acquisitions and his new relationship with VSS. He and his company are very pleased to have the support of VS. To him, VSS has a strong track record of helping private equity-sponsored transactions with solutions to capital that can drive growth.

Patrick Turner, the managing director of VSS told TJ Maloney how excited they are. He thinks that Powerhouse has a differentiated tech-enabled company with a very good blue-chip client base, a strong management team, and great growth potential.

TJ Maloney and his company have given VSS board observer rights. He and his company are very happy about the companies and corporations involved.

Since it was founded in 1986, Lincolnshire has been involved in control investments in supporting the growth of middle-market companies. TJ Maloney has been at the head of this company for the last 25 years. During the time that he has been head of the company, TJ Maloney has been partly responsible for the success that it has today.

When he is not making Mergers and Acquisitions, he is one of the Board of Trustees at Boston College. He had been a member of the Board of Trustees at Fordham University. TJ Maloney is known for his lectures at many different universities including Columbia University.

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