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Tina Knowles Marries Again

Tina Knowles, the mother of Beyoncé Knowles, remarried, this past weekend, to Richard Lawson, who was previously an actor on the show “All My Children.” Tina Knowles. Tina was married to Beyoncé’s father for many years, until they divorced, over cheating allegations, which proved to be true, because now Beyoncé’s father has two children, outside of his marriage. After Tina learned about her ex-husband’s infidelities, it quickly brought their marriage to an end, and it even severed the relationship between Beyoncé and her father.

This story proves that love can happen again, even after the worst circumstances. After Tina endured years of infidelity, as well as a love child or two, she has found love again and moved on, and she is now married to Richard Lawson. Fans like Sam Tabar ( know that the wedding took place on a yacht over the weekend, and both of her daughters were there, as well as their husbands. The wedding was somewhat budgeted, as it’s been said that the cost was $81 per plate, which is a good price, especially seeing who the guests were.

Beyoncé and Solange attended their mother’s wedding and of course, everyone is happy to see Tina find love again, and shake off the past years of unhappiness that she had with her ex-husband. As for Beyoncé and Solange’s father, he has moved on, and it’s said that he has a minimum of two small children, since leaving Tina Knowles, if not while they were together.

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