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The Well-Balanced Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is an Indian-American businessman, investor and philanthropist and he currently serves as a General Partner of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He is a holder of B. Tech degree from IIT, Kharagpur, India and had a hard time growing up in the village without any modern amenities. With such an experience in his early life, he worked hard towards achieving a better life for himself and future family. Surprisingly, he took a loan worth $100 which he used to put a company which he later sold for $680 million. With this kind of achievement, Vinod Gupta realized that there was a ready market in the way businesses relate to each other in regard to information.


Therefore, Vinod Gupta founded the InfoUSA Company which eventually became InfoGROUP through which he has attained various companies that deal with information technology. At the moment, he runs an investment firm known as Everest Group which provides project funds for database technology startups. Additionally, it undertakes the acquisition of businesses that are failing with the intention of using information technology to nurture specific accomplishments. On his part, he has done much to offer individuals from forgotten population job opportunities, and he has received support from Bill Clinton on this particular path. See This Page for additional information.


Being a philanthropist, Vinod Gupta has been involved in various charity activities, and he has funded schools in India. Additionally, he has vowed to donate all his wealth to charity, especially education because he values it out of his personal experience. He as well donated $1 million to establish a women’s polytechnic; the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic which shows that he values all people equally when it comes to education. In his life, he has given donations to a tune of $50 million both at home in India and in the United States. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Chicago Evening Post: Law School At IIT Kharagpur, Established By Vinod Gupta, Rated Number One In Research And Number Four Overall In India


Vinod Gupta has been honored with various awards such as an Honorary Doctorate from Monterey Institute of International Studies. He has as well been nominated to the United States Ambassador to Fiji though he did not accept due to his commitments to his business. He was also privileged to have been appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as a Trustee on the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington D.C. In that case, he could be said to be a man of many achievements which he deserves considering his background and hard work to get to uplift others.




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