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The Untold Story Behind Hussain Sajwani’s Success

Hussain Sajwani’s life and journey to success are one of the inspirational stories to most people who would like to be successful as business people. He was born in a middle-class family where his mother was a local hawker who used to sell products to ladies in their village. His father used to own a shop where he used to sell watches and other simple accessories. Hussain Sajwani got inspiration and interest in the business from his father, and because he was a hard-working young man, his father wanted him to take over the family business. Instead, Hussain Sajwani had high ambitions and was yearning to become a bigger person beyond owning his family business. He had a grand vision that one day he would pursue his education up to the higher levels and become the person he has been able to grow today.

After graduating from High school, Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) was among the best students who succeeded to get a government sponsorship to attain higher education. This shows that he was a remarkable student who had grand ambitions of his life. He went to Washington University where he achieved an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and economics.

According to, it is after his education that he started working at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries where he worked in one of their finance departments. His reputation as a hardworking and committed young man persisted. Since he wanted to be his employer, Hussain Sajwani made all the observations and gained skills on how to run his own business. After working for some years at the company, he decided to use his income to start his ventures. His first venture was a catering venture where he targeted the Us Military. Due to his hard work and management skill, the investment continued to grow rapidly, and it is today known as the Global Logistic Services.

He is also the founder of DAMAC Properties which is one of the largest and fast growing real estate companies in the Middle East. It is known for advising investors on the properties that can offer the maximum returns on their investments

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