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The Successful Life of Don Ressler

Don Ressler started his big career by listening to people’s advice. Through that, he began that he used to sell his items. As a successful entrepreneur, Don Ressler is known for his great contribution in many successful start-ups. After selling his first start-up to Intermix Media, he joined hands with Adam Goldenberg. Their come together formed Alena Media. This platform generated a lot of money in the form of revenue. This was done after they moved out and started doing their work in the required way. Ressler and Goldenberg summoned all the members of the former Alena, and they formed Intelligent Beauty.


Intelligent Beauty was responsible in giving rise to many companies like DERMSTORE and SENSA. These two companies became the most profitable ones. Later on, they received $43million from the famous Technology Crossover Ventures. With much happiness, Intelligent Beauty started another company by the name JustFab. A year later, JustFab got one of the biggest donations of $33 million from Matrix Partners.

After that, Fabletics was founded. This was an active wear which filled the crowded spaces. It is known for providing athletic and fashion wear to all people. Apart from active wear, Fabletics is also involved in providing services in all places including the corporate institutions. The company is responsible for providing help for people so that they can combine workout in their life.

As part of JustFab, Fabletics is the leading fashion e-commerce site with many fashion subscribers. With less than two years of age, the company was ahead by selling about 30% of all the stock they had. As seen, Don Ressler had the most fortunate hand. In every business he was inverted to work with, the company will make a profit and move much far ahead.

His motivation in fitness was influenced by his wife. The two have been so passionate about fitness for a long time. That started far back in school. Ressler and his wife were athletes. They used to wear these types of clothes which contributed to their fitness throughout the year. During this time, they noted a business gap. They realized that most costumes like yoga pants were rear to find. And in case you got one, it was large and too expensive. With his business partner Adam Goldenberg, they together did a business research and found a significant potential of starting this business. This company aimed at giving people that chance to go out and rejoice. This could be the best opportunity for people to enjoy life and stay fit in their fitness costumes.

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