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This year alone, the Koch brothers have contributed $ 23.4 million in donations to various funds in American universities. It is double what the foundation provided in 2012.The contribution by Koch brothers is dwarfed by contributions from the George Soros Foundation, which gave $ 30 million dollars.

Both of these contributions are targeted at various initiatives that promote the beliefs of these two individuals. The Koch brother’s funds are expected to continue the capitalistic market liberal Reagan economics with small lean and efficient governments. The Soros program is more inclined to the Democrats. It has a focus on domestic policies and migrant pressures.

The academic control these funds have on the curriculum of its students is debatable. What is not is debatable is that they seek to drive an agenda and that the giver sets agenda. The Koch brothers have always maintained a close association with the schools of choice and expanded research on critical issues. These questions help the society.

George Soros on the hand gives on more specific courses. He targets to influence foreign media approach in the US and last year gave $ 1 million to the Chinese. It has also funded research on the role of various government initiatives in America.

The Koch foundation plans to spend $ 750 million in the next election cycle. It continues a tradition by the Koch brothers to continue influencing events by sponsoring them. They are known to fund political campaigns of candidates who will promote their political models. They have heavily influenced past US elections and are thought to be behind some lobby groups in Washington DC.

So much is the influence that they fear seeming to align with any particular side. When David Koch announced he liked the policies of a particular candidate, he was accused of giving millions to fund his campaigns. When during the last elections they were accused of supporting another Republican candidate merely because they invited her to a seminar.

Charles Koch serves as the CEO of Koch Industries. He has grown the company from a $110 million to today’s $88 billion conglomerate with interests all over the world. Koch has a Ph.D. from MIT and is a prominent family man.He like has been described by many as a conservative although he describes himself as a classical liberal. He believes in small liberal governments with little control over people’s lives.

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