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The Rise of Isabel dos Santos

The name Isabel dos Santos is very popular in Africa and in Europe, but the rest of the world might be clueless to who this woman is. The Dos Santos of this article is progressive, forward-thinking and ambitious. She’s a one woman army so to speak, and Isabel used her passion for helping others to build an impressive resume. Santos is a philanthropist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and businesswoman. On the other hand, this woman just so happens to be a billionaire. To put things in a better and easier perspective, she is basically the wealthiest woman on the continent of Africa.

Looks and charm can give you some advantages in life, but knowledge reigns supreme. Santos has been well-educated at King’s College London, but she attended an all-female school for girls when she was younger. Linking Angola to the rest of the world has been one of her many goals. Santos is the major reason to why her homeland of Angola has instituted impressive communications services. UNITEL is headed by the businesswoman, Angola’s largest telecommunications company. Spreading the word and seeds of innovation has been one of her many tasks. Santos travels throughout Africa in hopes of spreading this knowledge to the youth. Schools, universities and other institutes are some of the actual locations that she has spoken at in the past.

Isabel has also taught young women the importance of digitalization. Artificial intelligence is the way of the future, and Isabel dos Santos is doing all that she can to advise females on the rapidly changing environment. She may have made a fortune via investments and acquiring stake, but her heart still remains with the people who have been economically depraved. This is the rise of Isabel dos Santos, and her dynamic mission of excellence.

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