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The Police Office In McKinney, Texas Speaks Out

After all the talk and speculation about what went on in McKinney, Texas with the irrational police officer, he finally speaks out about what he did. McKinney, Texas Officer Speaks Out. The police officer stated that he never meant to disrespect anyone or hurt anyone, but he was really trying to control the situation. He also claims that the situation presented a challenge, and he was basically trying to step up to the challenge.

According to, he felt the need to resign from his post as a police officer after 10 years of being in that Police Department. Anyone who watches the video, they cannot disagree with what they see. The officer acted aggressively, he treated others unfairly, and no one could stop him from what he was doing. Although many feel that the other officers did nothing to stop him, this is untrue. You can clearly see in the video that other officers try to grab the irate officer by the shoulders, and he aggressively pulled away.

Even when the officer pulled a gun on the unarmed teenagers, it was not something that the other officers predicted that he would do. Unfortunately, this is going to be a hard lesson for the police officer to learn, and it may be hard for him to find employment after this. Even though the officer resigned, more than likely, he’ll need a job, and everyone out there knows who he is and what he’s done.

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