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The Outstanding Achievements of the American Institute of Architects

     The work of an architect is evident globally. With the advancement of technology, more sophisticated and well-designed buildings and cities are coming up. This is due to increase of knowledge and skills that architects can acquire and implement it to a piece of work. The American Institute of Architects is a nongovernmental organization for professional architects of the United States. Its headquarters is located in Washington DC. This group is committed to serving its members through information, community as well as advocacy. To make their work perfect and complete, they work in partnership with other people as such engineers and planners who are also associated with the building industry.

Apart from quality design, architects are also determined to provide a good environment that will reduce public health issues. In this field material used to build can affect human health. AIA, therefore, is dedicated to building magnificent buildings that make people free from diseases like heart diseases as well as diabetes. The company is also devoted to constructing houses that air and sunlight are accessible. The licensure of this organization is maintained as they have sponsored hundreds of students who are continuing their education hence enhancing its reputation. The organization also carries analysis and research of the economic factors that are affecting the business. This has made their excellence in in the field of architecture to be continuous.

The organization membership is made of different types of architects including associates, international as well as emeritus architects who share ideas and skills enabling them to learn more from each other. Being the leading membership organization, AIA has provided many web-based resources for the young upcoming professional architects. These resources will provide information to the students making the knowledgeable and skillful in their field.

The CEO of AIA is Robert Ivy. This organization was founded in the New York City in 1857 by 13 architects whose goal was to promote the scientific and practical perfection of its members. Currently, it has more than 90,000 licensed architects. It also has more than 200 full-time employees. Despite the fact the organization is national, it also has 300 local and state components that reflect the professional lives of the architects. These elements are found in Europe, Hong Kong Japan as well as the United Kingdom. AIA also recognizes its members work and offers awards for them as a way of appreciation and motivation to others.

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