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The OSI Group Expands To Serve The International Food Industry

The OSI Group was started in the Chicago area in 1909 as a family meat market. Today it is a world leader in providing meat, vegetable and dough products to supermarkets, restaurants, fast-food franchises and other businesses. And the company continues to expand its presence internationally. For over 100 years, the OSI Group has been providing customers with the highest quality meat and meat products. The company really exploded in growth in the United States when they agreed to provide ground beef patties for Ray Kroc and his growing McDonald’s franchise beginning in the 1950s.

From its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the OSI Group manages over 80 production facilities located in 17 countries throughout the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. The company provides food items, poultry and other protein products packaged and sold all over the world. Initially run by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky and his sons, the privately held corporation is now under the able direction of Sheldon Lavin, CEO and David McDonald, president. Both men have been with the company for over 30 years. They have been the leading figures behinds the OSI Group’s international expansion.

Lavin and McDonald recently continued the OSI Group’s international growth. They acquired a controlling stake in the Dutch company Babo Food. The company has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany and provides 18 countries in Europe with food products. The OSI Group plans to dramatically increase Babo Food’s production and sales. The OSI Group has also purchased Flagship Europe, a company that produces frozen poultry, condiments and pies. The OSI Group’s plan is to have Flagship Europe expand into Spain and Germany and take advantage of countless new business opportunities all over Europe.

The OSI Group continues to grow in the United States as well. The company acquired a food processing plant on Chicago’s South Side formally owned by Tyson Foods. That increased the company’s production options. The OSI Group has also done a great deal of expansion in Asia as well. They serve markets in China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and India. The OSI Group’s international expansion has been successful because of precise marketing and careful product development. The OSI Group learns the local market’s wants and needs and is responsive to their specific tastes. The company has affordable price points, a commitment to safety and quality and the latest technologies. They produce the right food for each market.


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