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The New Look of EOS

Most women know what the EOS lip balms look like. They’re small, circular things of lip balm that feel great going onto the lips. For those who love lip balm, the EOS lip balms are kind of like the king of the jungle. They last longer than other lip balms do, and it doesn’t take as much lip balm to get the desired effect with an EOS pod. With so many flavors available, some women have multiple lip balms sitting around the house and in their purse.

These fanatics have new lip balms to wonder and stare at. The EOS company has just launched another line of lip balms: EOS Crystal. Read also for more fantastic related articles.

EOS Crystal isn’t like the original line of lip balm in a couple of ways. It’s still the same lip balm the fanatics have come to know and love. However, there are two markedly different things about the Crystal line, browse products here at The lip balms in the Crystal line will include two new flavors: hibiscus peach, and vanilla orchid. That’s not the biggest of the changes, though.

The pods for this line have changed. They’re not as spherical as the pods that EOS launched in. As the name of the line suggests, the Crystal pods look more like a cut gemstone than a sphere or egg, as the pods have been called before. Head over this great review. The name also hints at another big change that has been introduced. The lip balm is clear, instead of an opaque, waxy yellow.

This change is actually fueled by a change in recipe for the lip balm. The Crystal line is made without wax, so it is vegan friendly.

With such a huge change to the beloved EOS line, it’s only a matter of time before the public has its say on whether it succeeds.

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