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The New Chicago Investments

Recently, in the real estate world, five real estate platforms have joined forces to acquire Tycoon Real Estate which is a real estate platform that is located in California. The goal of this acquisition is to reform this platform into something more modern. This real estate firm is the beginning the the new real estate crowdfunding platform. Tycoon Real Estate’s name is most recognizable due to the fact that the founder of the company recently appeared ABC’s “Shark Tank”.

Tycoon Real Estate is what is referred to as an early real estate market that is involved with the crowdfunding market. This company has offered both residential as well as commercial real estate opportunities to all those who proceed as customers. The purchasing of the Tycoon Real Estate is important in Chicago news as it is a huge acquisition for the top five crowdfunding platforms.

Chicago is currently booming in the real estate business. President of Espresso Inc, Majeed Ekbal, is one of the main real estate investors in the area. He is one of the top experts when it comes to discussing investment in his beloved city of Chicago. One particular project that Espresso Inc. is proud of is the launching of financial programs within supermarkets. This will be done by investing in a new piece of technology known as Touch-Tone. Espresso Inc. plans to not only buy groceries, but also buy specialty items from local gourmet shops and food boutiques.

The goal in investing in these items is to create a market that is no longer expensive to the consumer. Other companies such as Dominick’s and Jewel have team up for the purpose of adding technology to the grocery business. Now customers, with the use of technology, have the ability to order items at home with their own personal computers. These items can even be delivered to the front door.

The genius behind this new idea is none other than Majeed Ekbal. He is the current president of Espresso Inc. which is an investment company. Majeed Ekbal, despite being a recent graduate from American University, has increased the value of Espresso Inc. tremendously. Espresso has created a database for all the purchased grocery items that add up to thousands of different products. Espresso prides itself for the fact that virtually anything one could desire can be found within this new and technologically advanced website.

This investment company is currently fully functional in many different areas such as Lincoln Park, Ashland Ave, as well as Evanston. The plan is to expand the company even further to benefit those who are looking for a convenient way to buy high quality groceries. Thanks to Majeed Ekbal and this new database, food lovers can find the best quality food for low prices.

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