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The Humble Financial Expert: Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison is a family man, studious academic and an established financial services expert. He is great at financial analysis, and the Anthemis Group is soaring in profitable financial interactions because of his wits. Soccer fans would probably question his powers of analysis because he confessed to predicting West Ham United’s Premier League victory for the last two decades. While his soccer predictions always prove to be widely inaccurate and improbable, his financial analyses are not. His human nature may be the reason for always predicting the victory of his home team. However, his in-depth schooling is definitely why his professional financial services never fall short of rightful expectations

It is rare when one of the biggest experts in the financial services industry confesses to be spending ample time with loved ones. It is even rarer to come across a New Yorker who was once a leading figure at Barclays for over a decade and loves West Ham United. Well, the former student at the University of Warwick and the University of Cambridge is now a freelance financial adviser and analyst. That is probably why he absolutely loves the uncertainty, freedom and fulfillment that come from risking leaving big firms like the Barclays Non-core. According to him, he spent over twenty years working for the financial services giant and learnt as much as he could. He had to step out of the comfort zone in which the glorious employment had put him.

Harry’s wife is a brilliant and aggressive entrepreneur. She is one of the biggest influences in Harry’s life. She inspires him very much with her business acumen and protective nature for their children. She goes to the top of a certain mountain in France to discuss financial services with fellow colleagues and willing investors. Bus as their schedules may appear, Harry discloses that their children are always busier with childish stuff that is critical in their growth. They always have to fix themselves in the busy schedules of their children.

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