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The Fortress Investment Groups Shows Continual Growth

1,750 investors put both faith and money into the Fortress Investment Group. The total amount of funds overseen by Fortress’ managers now reaches a massive $43 billion. Fortress did not arrive at such incredible heights in only a few years. Founded in 1998, Fortress grew its client base steadily over the course of two decades. Today, the private equity firm sits in a position of financial industry prominence. The company’s decision to go public on the NYSE further shows its continued success. Based out of New York, the Fortress Investment Group combines private equity with credit endeavors. A closer look at the firm’s assets reveals significant diversification. Diversifying makes logical sense. Diversified holdings usually spread risk and increase revenue potential.

One interesting endeavor overseen by Fortress involves a multi-million dollar attempt to address intellectual property infringement. Plans include setting aside $400 million to cover litigation costs to battle “patent trolls” known for appropriating intellectual property. The Fortress Investment Group intends to raise funds. Fortress’ parent company, the Japan-based SoftBank, maintains significant business dealings in the tech sector. Protecting technological patents must be a priority for any company investing money in tech companies. SoftBank wants to protect its assets. Fortress intends to assist.

The litigation fund displays the innovation Fortress embodies. Raising money for funds isn’t the only area of expertise the Fortress Investment Group excels. With mergers and acquisitions, Fortress’ reputation remains strong. The company expanded its operations and endeavors over the course of 20 years. In 1999, Fortress launched an initial investment fund. Over the years, Fortress ventured into real estate, hedge funds, and more.The arrival on the New York Stock Exchange reveals the Fortress Investment Group has no plans to slow down its growth. The firm should continue to make news for years to come. Perhaps the most intriguing news will come from the $400 patent troll fund.

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