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The Farrell Fellowship at the Museum of Science and Industry

Maarten de Jeu hails as a revered financial professional and founder and managing partner at SVM Business Advisory in Chicago. Previously, Maarten de Jeu co-chaired at the Science Spins Program based at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was his goals to assist enlighten the visitors on the history of the bicycle.

The Museum of Science and Industry is currently one of the largest science museums in the Western Hemisphere. It is through the museum that hosts the Farrell Fellows internship program aimed at engaging the teenagers in Chicago on learning scientific. The program is opened during the summer months and takes a course of five weeks.

The program also includes coursework in fields of public speaking, leadership development, and science. Upon completion of the program, the learners earn the chance to showcase interactive science activities based on their communities and the museum.

It was in 2014 that a host of 40 teenagers came together to form the America’s Got Bubbles show. The show educated the viewers on the chemistry of bubbles. With the visits to 17 public library branches in Chicago, the participants of the Farrell Fellows program educated the young children on launching model rockets and engineering carnival tents from launch model rockets.

Maarten de Jeu is a holder of distinguished business education from the University of Oxford. In addition, Maarten de Jeu has a successful career in international business, commercial real estate investment, and financial services.

Furthermore, De Jeu has the broad technical skills, industrial knowledge, and international experience in North America, Asia, and Europe. He also has an in-depth comprehension of global institutional and cultural settings.

Before landing at SVM Business Advisory, Maarten de Jeu has various stints at Aviva plc. It was here that he served as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. He also served at Aviva’s London-based officer as the international strategy manager.

He was also among the TVDK Management consultants where he served with top clients from Heinz, Sara Lee, ING and ABN AMRO.

De Jeu is also renowned as part-founder of the prosperous technology start-up dubbed SpeakUp. It current offers ethics and compliance solutions to publicly listed firms in Europe.

As a successful business advisor, Maarten de Jeu has been involved with senior executives from Fortune 100 firms, technology startups, and ultra-high net worth fellows. He is also recognized for his capability to guard projects in the decision making process and creating multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.

Aside from work, De Jeu is fond of spending time with his family and playing tennis. He is also engaged with a number of business associations and community including the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Economic Club of Chicago, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Dan’s International Council and the Environmental Law and Policy Center. Learn more:

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