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The Consistent Hard Work of James Dondero from the Time He Started His Professional Endeavors

The sector of equity and credit markets is sensitive in that it requires a lot of experience. That explains why the experts usually have the leading role in line with it. Gaining experience is challenging, and thus the reason such individuals as James Dondero are worth appreciation. Their path to their present status has been involving and demanding in terms of sacrifice of resources and time. In connection to equity and credit markets, his experience goes beyond thirty years. This makes him qualified for his current executive positions at Highland Capital Management both as the co-founder and president. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

It is with his leadership that Highland Capital Management provides several solutions and awards that are award-winning for both the retail and institutional investors. At this time, the management is worth about $13.8 billion. That is in connection with the assets being managed. The company remains a pioneer in the development of the CLO market and advances viable credit-oriented remedies for the retail and institutional investors across the globe. Its offer of several products and services is what gives the company a competitive advantage from the rest. Read more about James Dondero at

His analytics profession started in 1984 following his entry into training initiative, Morgan Guaranty. He acquired two majors in Finance and Accounting with the leading honors. He is also a certificate holder in Chartered Financial Analysis and Certified Management Accountancy. In 1985, he started serving at American Express in the position of a Corporate Bond Analyst. Four years later, he became a manager of a portfolio of about $1 billion linked to fixed income funds.

Before he founded Highlands Capital, he served as the Chief Investment Officer in line with the GIV subsidiary of Protective Life established in 1989. It intensified its worth to more than $2 billion under the leadership of James Dondero. Also, he heads the committee panel of NexBank, CCS Medical, NexPoint, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a board member at MGM Studios. Family and friends refer to him as Jim. He is also the pillar behind several charitable activities like SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, George W. Bush Presidential Library; Education is Freedom and Snowball Express. View:

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