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The concerns of Kordestani on humanity

The upbringing of Milan M. Kordestani is probably one of the factors that have most contributed to the achievements that he has had so far. While he was being homeschooled, on how to speak Farsi, he took a lot of interest in the home gardening of his mother. She realized this and at some point, even gave him some plants to tend to in his own backyard. That was the first step in encouraging his passion for agriculture, which is probably manifested most in the fact that he is currently the CEO of Milan Farms. The farm usually works towards offering all organic solutions, in terms of agriculture.

Kordestani is currently a student at the Colorado College. He is in his first year there. He is however very engaged in extra-curricular activities. This he says is to ensure he has grown personally. Apart from being the founder and CEO of Milan Farms, he is also an established professional equestrian. He has competed in the worldwide championships and has held on to high positions in the same. In 2015, he emerged third, and second in the year 2016.

Being young and ambitious, he is not content with the fact that he is a CEO at such a tender age. By August he is looking forward to having the operations of his company expand. He is also working on the development of an android application. This could be a manifestation of his passion in and for technology.

He has also tried to venture into the fields of politics and mental health. These attempts were made when he was still in high school, at the Sacred Hearts. By the time he completed schooling there, he had published at least six articles on these fields for the Huffington Post. This could be very advantageous and instrumental in his writing career, his work is acceptable for such a serious journalism company.

He has always had a passion and a dream to make the world a better place, not only for himself but also for others. That is why his greatest mission on the Milan Farms is to enhance the affordability of healthy and quality animal and other agricultural products.


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