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The Commander Of TigerSwan Is Keen on Protecting Lives and Assets From Uncertainty

James Reese knew that leading and serving as an Elite Delta unit was difficult and challenging; performing dangerous missions and facing different scenarios on the battlefield. But, owning and running a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business with more than 300 employees while handling operations globally is way harder. Both leaderships involve someone else’s life, either putting them on risk or protecting them against the odds. He is now involved with TigerSwan.

James Reese way back 2007, served his 25th years of service in the United States Army and retired as Lt. Colonel, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. He was also serving during the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq as an adviser and operations officer. He was known for his good leadership and one of the finest special operators in his generation’s military. He uses these abilities and traits for TigerSwan.

In his last rotation on Iraq, James Reese together with his colleague thought of an idea of building up a company; that is when the concept of TigerSwan was born.

Because of his state- 80% disabled veteran, he was one of the disabled veterans to be given a big break, they were selected to hold a company that is mostly owned by a disabled veteran; a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business or SDVOSB.

He was motivated to put up TigerSwan not because of this, he was motivated because he wanted to put some of the veterans and people to make the world grow and molding it for the better.

He was used to being a military commander, leading people without worrying about their price. All he knew was that the people were given to him in the military are the best army because they were evaluated accordingly. He only wants the best for TigerSwan.

Best of the best come up with a corresponding amount, that is why James Reese has to be wise while picking his employees. He labeled business from the military and said that business is way more difficult than the military. James Reese still has the mindset of reaching out his hands for those in need of help. He leads to serve and support, giving guidance in everything they do, letting them commit mistakes and learn from them. With the power of their experiences and skills, they can give solutions to uncertainty.

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