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The City of Chicago Declares a Mahatma Ghandi Day

Things were really exciting at the annual luncheon for the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, who is known all over the world for his non-violent resistance against the British rule in India. This marks their fifth year of honoring this man, who remains as an inspiration around the globe for his strong belief promoting equality and civil rights.

A Critical Announcement at the Legacy Luncheon

At this luncheon, esteemed personalities gathered with Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Senator Dick Durbin, World Business Chicago CEO Andrea Zopp, and First Lady Amy Eshelman. They all joined Smita Shah, who happens to be the Committee Chair of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee. This organization promotes the bonding between the two sister cities, so they can all come together,promote, and understsand their beloved culture.

During the luncheon, Mayor Lightfoot issued a proclamation that stated from henceforth, October 2nd will now be considered as Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago. This is to recognize the 150th anniversary of this heroe’s birth. This also acknowledges Ghandi’s long lasting legacy to the whole world, which really shows that people’s works are the best type of treasure and testament they can leave behind. On top of that, this move solidified and exemplified further how deeply ingrained the roots of the Indian culture are in Chicago.

The Indian Community’s Appreciation

Smita Shah, President and CEO of SPAAN Tech, a construction and engineering management firm, said that this proclamation is an honor for the entire Indian-American community in Chicago. She also appreciates it on a personal level because she is of Indian descent and she is also the founder of the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi annual lunch activity.

This beautiful CEO shared that this concept began out of a recognition that the big city of Chicago is comprised of many communities. Smita Shah said that all communities must be honored and exclude none because each cultures can have an impact and improve lives if everyone works together. Shah also added that the program of the Chicago Sister Cities’ Mahatma Ghandi annual luncheon allows all of them to recognize the Indian Community calling Chicago home, through one of their country’s heroes.

Flourishing Under Shah’s Leadership 

Delhi’s unique position being Chicago’s sister city shows the strong bond between India and the city. It also demonstrates the cultural importance of the established Indian-American community to the collective community residing in the Chicago area. This is the reason why under Shah’s leadership, the Delhi Committee of Chicago founded and began the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon in 2014. This is set up to honor the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and the U.S., which includes exchanging ideas on critical principles of fostering the truth and promoting non-violence. Learn more:

Smith Shah is the perfect chair because of her very impressive credentials. She is the CEO of SPAAN Tech, which is known for their numerous projects all around the city. A graduate of MIT, Northwestern University, and Oxford University, with an engineering and business degrees, her stellar resume makes her a perfect fit in The Chicago Delhi Sisters chapters because she can inspire so many other women. In fact, she embraces every opportunity to mentor young professionals, especially girls, so they can all be future leaders that can give back to the community.

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