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The Business Strategy Behind the New KISS

Paul Stanley has once again taken time out during an interview to say negative things about old KISS bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Why does Stanley hold such personal animous about the two men? To a degree, there are a lot of personal problems between the three men (four, if you add Gene Simmons to the mix), but the constant sniping is also about business.

The real KISS is Paul, Gene, Peter, and Ace. Sure, there have been other incarnations of the band. Fans, however, know the original version that was together from 1973 – 1980 is the true version of KISS. New members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer may be donning the makeup of The Catman and The Spaceman, but they are not the originals.

How did fans like Sam Tabar react? The modern incarnation of KISS can’t stop making money. The recent tour with Def Leppard broke box office attendance records around the world. People enjoy the “new” KISS. Neither Stanley nor Simmons want to see the popularity of the new version diminish. The more people talk about Frehley and Criss as the “legitimate” members of the band, concerns arise that audiences might stop buying KISS concert tickets, CDs, and merchandise.

At some point, Stanley and Simmons want to actually replace themselves and allow KISS to continue as an “official” tribute band. This is just a strange business model the two superstars have planned. So, they want to put Criss and Frehley out of people’s minds.

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