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The Amazing Success of CipherCloud

The world of technology is growing faster every year as great new innovations take us to a whole new era of discovery. The internet is one of the biggest advancements in our society that has brought us to whole new heights. There are many different businesses that are based online that have created a great deal of success. CipherCloud is one of these companies that has really created a great deal of success not only for themselves but for the individuals that choose to use the services of this company as well.

CipherCloud focuses on creating the most secure cloud services on the market. When your company has very secure information that needs to be stored on the cloud it is important to choose CipherCloud as your cloud service provider. CipherCloud will give you the very best options when it comes to all of your secure cloud needs. CipherCloud was started in 2010 and was launched in 2011 after raising over 1 million dollars in funding. In 2012, CipherCloud was able to secure 30 million dollars of funding to secure their future growth. This created a big buzz about the already very well known company. In 2014, an additional 50 million of funding was awarded to the company.

There are many large corporations that work hand in hand with CipherCloud due to their amazing track record. Each year the amazing reputation of CipherCloud continues to grow in the online based industry. There are industries from finance, healthcare, technology, government, and media that chose to use the amazing services of CipherCloud to encrypt their important information. There are many different services available to companies who need the very best in encrypted cloud services. CipherCloud is quickly becoming the most trusted name in cloud security due to their amazing services and great track record of satisfied clients.

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