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Thank “The Mann” for College

A new scholarship will ensure one person from Uncommon Charter High School goes to college.

The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will be awarded to one graduating student at the school who took the time to write a one-thousand word essay on why going to college will help him or her in their chosen career path. The scholarship, worth five thousand dollars of applied credit, will only be granted to one student a year. But that is one more student going to college than there would have been without it.

Keith Mann and his wife Keely live and work in New York State. They partnered with Uncommon Schools for this venture, a non-profit management team that starts and helps run more than forty public schools for low-income students in the north eastern portion of the country. But what are they doing when they’re not advocating for education?

Well, Keith Mann is running his company, Dynamics Search Partners, which was founded more than fifteen years ago today and is still running strong. The company specializes in hedge funds and other alternative investments, but Mann still manages the day to day operations inside the firm.

Mann does not just apply himself to his job and the youth of the future, but he also pays attention to the immediate community. When violence against the men and women in uniform began in New York, Mann couldn’t believe people were turning on police. In the early months of 2015, he decided it was high time that the police realize not everyone was against them.

So he bought them lunch. More than once.

One day, a young officer may end up being one of those the Mann family helped put through college. But even if they’re not, students and police alike can take heart in knowing that Keith and Keely Mann have their backs.

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