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Tech Entrepreneur Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He grew up taking an interest in technology, however he did not pursue a college degree in technology. Hope went to university at Arizona State and received a degree in finance. After his bachelor in finance, he went on to business school for a masters at Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

The first business that Hope had a prominent role in was in a mobile communications company that he formed. After this time, he really started to branch out and participate in his community. Helping others became one of his main goals, especially within Arizona.

A Futurist

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, and he is also labeled as a futurist because of the specific predictions made on next several years, in terms of technology. With his clear interest in the future of technology. Hope has made seemingly accurate predictions over the years, which has garnered him valuable praise. His thoughts on where technology is headed has been a big help with those interested in taking full advantage with technologies of the future to learn more: click here.

Step by Step

Hope believes that entrepreneurs must focus on one thing at a time to be successful. The worst thing one can do is stretch themselves too thin because then you cannot make necessary progress on the things you are good at. Hope says that having a routine, staying healthy, and favoring simplicity is what helps him stay productive every day.

When he is working on a project, he likes to consult those who are his close confidants for their thoughts. Ideas are great and all, but executing those ideas is the difficult part. This is why Jason Hope works on ideas and projects bit by bit.

Keeping It Moving

Just like Hope, every entrepreneur has setbacks, and it is all about how you deal with those setbacks that truly matters. Fortunately, Hope was making good money straight out of school, and this, fueled by his love of technology, is what always kept him going.

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