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Talkspace Takes Mental-Health Services to higher Level

Recent advancements in technology has revolutionized to world into a small society and made it easier for people to communicate. Just from the handset, you are able to access various essential services from the comfort of your home. Talkspace, in particular, has made it convenient for clients to connect with mental-health doctors through the various online platforms.

You currently do not need to travel to your therapist’s physical office since Talkspace has made it possible for you to access e-therapy services virtually either via Skype, phone-call, or text. The platform has reportedly inked over 500,000 people with about 1000 experts since its inception. It’s of great news to Magellan Health consumers as the medical giant has signed an important deal that would see them presented with a package that gives them an option to link up with their therapists online.

This latest development has been heckled to present huge benefits, in terms money and time, compared to the traditional approach where one has to physically visit the expert. The packages offered by Talkspace are not only convenient but also relatively cheaper and ranges from $30 to $49 a week. According to Scott Christnelly, a senior member of the Talkspace’s team, virtual and physical therapeutic alternatives present similar results with the earlier being more-friendly. Online therapy platforms have significantly increased the number of people registering for such mental-health services globally. It’s projected to continue helping many folks in the near future.

About Talkspace

It is an online therapy organization and is headquartered in New York, United States. Co-founded by Roni and Oren Frank in 2012, Talkspace has continued to play a critical role towards good mental-health by linking patients to qualified and licensed therapists through user-friendly online platform. The platform is accessible through various gadgets including desktop, Smartphone, or tablet.

Talkspace has enhanced confidentiality when it comes to safety and security of client-therapist relationship. The firm is HIPAA BAA compliant and has received a number of recognitions for the benefits it presents to its users.

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  1. Jaylin Enrique says: -#1

    I personally do believe this initiative that they have introduced would assist to very large extent in the issuing of therapy to patients. Though review are very good at what they do, people that know more about therapy will understand how uncomfortable some sessions turn out to be that is why making it an online process will serve better.

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