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Taking Action And Making A Difference

James Dondero has been a fixture in the Dallas business scene for many years. His contributions to the community are measured by more than personal success. James has made strides in various areas including education and charity work. James founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. It has become one of the largest credit management firms in the world. The company has various interests and holds offices in South Korea, and Singapore. Dondero and founding partner Mark Okada set up to build an organization that would grow into a pillar of strength within its business environment.

The Highland Dallas Foundation handles the philanthropic business for Highland Capital Management. Through the foundation James Dondero issued a one million dollar challenge in support of The Family Place. The challenge is designed to inspire others in the community to put forth donations to assist The Family Place in continuing their work within the Dallas area. James and his organization will match every other donation up to one million dollars. This brings the ultimate total to two million. Money will go to developing new resources that will allow The Family Place to expand its reach and help people in need.

Part of the inspiration for the challenge was a call to action by the mayor of Dallas. The mayor called attention to many of the city’s issues that are falling through the cracks. With help from the donations The Family Place will be able to build a new resource center that will provide education programs for job training, bedrooms for emergency shelter, a trauma hotline and medical support. The finished project will allow The Family Place to house over two thousand individuals. It is designed to be a safe haven for those who are in situations that seem hopeless and dangerous. Domestic violence victims and teens who suffer from bullying will be offered counseling and a place of refuge in order to recover from abuse.

James Dondero was appointed to the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. The appointment is another aspect of James and his company’s involvement with the development of talent in the local Dallas community.

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