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Sujit Choudhry’s Research on Constitutions, Laws, and Politics

Sujit Choudhry is a global professor who has done several kinds of research that majorly focus on the constitution, politics, and law. His researches on the constitution focus on the federalism, decentralization, constitutional courts, official language policy, bill of rights, security and much more. Mr. Sujit who is an Indian was named top in his law school in the United States. He has worked with several law schools in his career, see ( For instance, he worked as a law professor at Cecelia Goetz law school in New York and School chair in the law department at the University of Toronto. He also worked as a clerk at the supreme court of justice in Canada, see  He has also been involved in numerous constitutional reforms in different countries. For example, he proposed reforms structures on the government of Toronto, he was also listed amongst the board of administrators of legal aid Ontario in the government of Ontario. He has worked as a financial consultant in the World Bank institute and later got involved in Canada constitution.

Following the successful years of his career and the global recognition, Choudhry is the director of an institution known as the center for constitutional transitions, click In this organization, he continues with his constitutional researches that also touches the African continent. Sujit has done researches on Libya, South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine, and Nepal. His researches focus on equality in all nations and good governance. Mr. Sujit is also a reknown author. He has published several books that concern the constitution. In one of his books, he wrote on presidential term limits, transparency in courts, and the rights of the citizens. In his book, he also wrote about the government being overthrown by the military which he also referred to as a threat to the constitution.

In his current article, he termed media as a powerful channel that can either destroy or build up any country’s constitution, go to ( His book also touched on the citizens exercising their rights by voting for the president of their choice, constitutional laws and regulations to the people of the country. He also wrote about the electoral systems, political parties’ regulations, political liberties, election administration of a country and much more.


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