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Suge Knight Arrested

Suge Knight was taken into custody after his involvement in a fatal hit and run. The claims say that after fighting with two men at a film set he was working on, he chased them down and ran over them, first backing over them, then driving forward to run them over again. One died from injuries, the other man is still in the hospital.

Brian Torchin learned that Suge and his attorney claim that it was a “tragic accident”, stating that he did not run over the men intentionally. But according to witnesses, it was apparent the men knew each other and were in the middle of a pretty heated argument.

This is not Suge’s first run in with the law, he was driving the car when Tupac was shot in 1996 by someone in another vehicle; he’s been in prison a few times for violating parole; and most recently, in summer of 2014, he was shot six times at a VMA party.

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