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Stream Enery and Its Affiliates Help in Times of Need

There is a part of the company, Stream Energy, about which most people are unaware. The company has a mission statement about helping others. They say that philanthropy is in the company’s “DNA.”

Stream Energy sells energy directly to customers, along with other utilities, including Internet connections. Stream energy allows its customers to become affiliates, and these affiliates can see energy by referring others to the company. This is how the company has grown over the years. It is neighbors helping neighbors, so to speak. This is likely where the company developed its deep resolve to care for those in need, not only in times of disaster, but other times as well.

However, most people do not realize that Stream Energy was heavily involved in a number of charitable organizations in helping to clean up the Dallas area after disaster struck.

Stream Energy was among the very first to offer funding to rebuild through their charitable organization, “Stream Cares.” This is funded by their very successful business model, and they are proud of the fact that they can use this funding to give back to the community in a way that is needed after such disasters as Hurricane Harvey.

In the case of Hurricane Harvey in particular, the company showed itself a model to be copied by other companies in their plans and methods of helping those in their most dire time of need. But it wasn’t only money that the company gave to the people. It was the time and effort of the employees that counted almost as much as the funding.

The company became, as it were, an example to follow by watching the involvement and care of their employees, and how much the employees themselves took an interest in helping heir neighbors in a time of need. But it is not only during times of stressful need like hurricanes that Stream Energy and its affiliates are at work helping.

One thing that the company and its associates care about is homelessness, and they and their affiliates work hard to assure that the homeless people in all areas they serve have a chance to make a better life for themselves.

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