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Steve Ritchie Is Putting In Place Measures to Save Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants headquartered in Jefferson town, Kentucky, United States of America. The firm was started in 1984 and its operations at that time were at a tavern in Micky’s Lounge. The company slowly grew as the pizzas became more popular among the residents of Jeffersonville. By 1997, Papa John’s Pizza had over 1000 stores. Today the company offers its products to its customers in over 40 countries across the globe through the 5199 establishments under its name.

Of late, Papa John’s Pizza has been losing customers after one of the employees tainted the company’s perfect image. The situation took a turn when Steve Ritchie, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer came in to address the alarming issues and save the company. For starters, Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to Papa John’s Pizza customers. In the letter, he apologized and explained that the incident that led to the crisis was not a true reflection of what the firm believes in.

To back up his words, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns said that he and his team at the company were going to invite auditors from outside to audit the firm. The auditors’ work will be based on examining the company’s culture and diversity inclusion practices. With the report in hand, Steve Ritchie said, in the letter that that will go along way in helping his team identifies their weaknesses and strengths. After that, his team at Papa John’s will be able to set clear goals to help the firm do better.

According to Mr. Richie, the top employees at Papa John’s Pizza will be going to the ground to collect views from the customers. These views will also play a key role in shaping the firm’s future. Furthermore, the firm has vowed to be transparent to its customers as it undertakes this process of restoring the customer’s confidence and trust. Additionally, Steve said that he would be in charge of all of these exercises since that is what is of utmost importance to him and the entire Papa John’s team. In the end, Steve Ritchie thanked the customers for their loyalty and said that he hopes that he and his team will continue to serve them.


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