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Spinal Surgery Centers Can Provide Needed Relief

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from chronic back pain. This pain can be caused by accidents, injuries or many other factors. Back pain and injury can make it difficult to do even the simplest tasks. In some cases the pain can be so debilitating that it can make something as simple as getting out of bed almost impossible. This causes of chronic back pain can be difficult to diagnose and even more problematic to treat efficiently.

In the past the only way to get treatment for these type of back issues was through traditional hospitals. While hospitals did an admirable job of trying to treat back problems, treatment could be extremely expensive and a lack of specialists in back pain could lead to more issues down the road.

Now there is a better way…spinal clinics. Spinal clinics (or spinal surgery centers) focus on doing one thing and one thing only, fixing spinal problems in the best way possible. Spinal clinics, like North American Spine, have created advanced procedures that allow many spinal problems to be corrected more easily and with less invasive procedures.

Spinal clinics have become the go to provider when it comes to spinal and back problems. Their specialized and knowledgeable staffs allow them to treat a wide variety of ailments quickly and effectively while reducing the long term cost of their patient’s care. They are also at the forefront of new technologies and procedures that can make treatment more effective and greatly reduce patient recovery time.

One of the treatment centers that is at the forefront of treating spinal problems and disorders is North American Spine. North American Spine’s physicians are trained spinal experts with advanced specialty training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, or Interventional Pain Management. The innovative staff is constantly looking for new and exciting methods to improve spinal care and reduce recovery times.

Many of the procedures that can be performed at North American Spine are outpatient and can be accomplished in as little as 45 minutes. One of these procedures, Accuscope, is a minimally invasive spinal procedure that uses a high definition camera and other diagnostic tools to pinpoint all of the root causes of chronic lower spine symptoms and then treat them with the most advanced tools possible. Medical research has shown that the Accuscope procedure can save patients, on average, $23,190 over 5 years by reducing the amount of follow up care and pain medications needed.

Spinal surgery centers are at the forefront of spinal patient care. Their highly focused and specialized teams can give greatly improved treatment when compared to traditional hospital care. Their laser focus on spinal care leads to better treatment with lower costs and higher efficacy. Spinal clinics focus on treating all of the causes associated with chronic back pain, helping patients recover more fully than in the past. Their use of the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures means that their patients can be back on their feet and pain free sooner than ever before.

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